Yet there is absolutely no fighting and so they ignore each other entirely up until feed time

But the question is my personal manager told you you can easily remain a masculine females couple together from inside the a large tank (Scott W

Harlequin Tusk ,Thalassoma Lunare just click Hello Anthony We haven’t written getting a couple weeks thus guarantee most of the try better on your own ‘neck from the fresh new woods’ ? We kept brand new Harlequin throughout the QT for nearly six weeks as i debated how to proceed, in the long run I might adult also fond of him so that your wade and thus could keep your though You will find to arrange some other permanent tank. Working as a great wholesaler otherwise retailer for many years gives your high insight having dealing with a number of thousand fish> Shortly after food comes from the tank the fresh lunare does just be sure to chase the newest Harlequin out-of his ‘patch’ as you informed, it is so enthusiastic to track down returning to your food that the guy do no damage to the newest harlequin who seems not to ever worry in fact it is straight back throughout the furor again.

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Its like living with a roommate or spouse that is otherwise perfect except for 3 meals daily and tea time when they punch you in the face. Lends some stress to the lifestyle despite all the good times in between> After the first flurry they ignore each other again until next feed time. They have co-habited now since the Christmas holiday and so I am hoping they can continue together but I will watch for any developing trouble. I’m thinking maybe about 8ft would be o. Thanks again – Jenny

Six line wrasse compatibility Hello, I have a question on Six Line Wrasse compatibility. I have a 29 gal tank with two False Percula clowns, four Nassarius snails, 4 Blue Legged Hermit Crabs, a Emerald Green Crab, a group of small Star Polyps, one False Anemone, one large Feather Duster, and several small feather dusters and white worms with red plumes. I like the small dusters and worms that came on the live rock and am concerned about their well being. Will the Wrasse eat any of the aforementioned? I wanted something small that would swim around the rock that I’ve taken great pains in setting up to provide hiding spaces and good current flow. My clowns swim close to the top and the tank needs something swimming around the rocks. I am also concerned about a few smallish Bristle Worms in the tank that at some point may go after . anything. Wrasses should keep these in check. If not a Wrasse, have you any suggestions? Tell Anthony, that the folks at Elmer’s Aquarium say ” Hello”. Thanks! Steve Scott( A frequent Customer at Elmer’s, and dedicated reader of your fine website!). You folks saved me a lot of frustration and probably many a fish life!

An effective Lunar Phase? Hi there. Scott F. I put up a good 209G tank months ago which is now the home of several kid triggers (step 3 inches Niger, 2 inches King, and you can cuatro inch Blue range), “true” Black colored Volitans Lion (pitch-black! That is a lot of seafood which get Huge in a single tank, also a massive one. These are quite messy eaters, too, and certainly will degrade liquid quality immediately or even stay on most readily useful out of some thing (but I’m sure you will, proper? The Queen Lead to is completely one of several nastiest fishes to. I got myself him from your for 5 cash as the the guy have HLLE (don’t see wrasses gets it, but I guess anything can be done).

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